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Why should you rent a pool?

A birth pool is a great option for you if you are birthing at home with a midwife but want more room then your typical in-home bathtub offers.

Or maybe you are really wanting to stay home as long a possible and would like the option to get in a nice warm tub to better cope with the waves.

Well, then renting a pool can be an awesome option for you!

We offer birth pools rentals throughout the Greater Phoenix area. Our pool rentals come with everything you need to stay safe and comfortable in the water.

Birth Pool Package

  • Birth Pool - Mini or Regular Sized Birth Pool (see below for more details)
  • Fitted Pool Liner - one time use, to keep your birth yours
  • Air Pump - to inflate pool
  • Water Pump - to drain pool after your birth
  • Floor Cover - to protect your floor, just in case
  • Thermometer - to check on the temperature of the water
  • Multiple Adapters - to hook up the hose to your sink or shower
  • Debris Net - to remove anything that doesn't need to be in the pool 😉
  • New Drinking Water Safe Hose - to fill and empty the pool & yours to keep after your birth
  • Delivery and Pick Up of Pool - included with in 25 miles of 85209. Additional travel fee applies for 25+ miles
  • If you are a doula client, make sure to ask for your discount code!

Your Size Options

The Big One

This is our Regular Sized Birth Pool in a Box 

External Dimensions – 76″ 65″

Internal Dimensions – 56″ x 45″

Volume of water (80% full) – 650 litres

This pool is a great option if you are tall or would really like your partner to be able to join you in the pool before or after birth. You will have ample space to move around in this pool.

You’ll be sure to find comfort in this pool with its built-in seat and inflatable floor. Plus exterior handles to aid in pushing, and a built-in cup holder to keep your hydration close at hand.

The Mini One

This is our Regular Sized Birth Pool in a Box 

External Dimensions – 65″ x 57″

Internal Dimensions – 45″ x 37″

Volume of water (80% full) – 480 litres

This pool is a great option if you want to have a more intimate birth space. Also, take into account your available floor space and hot water capacity. If you are over 6″ you should probably take a look at our larger pool option.

You’ll be sure to find comfort in this pool with its built-in seat and inflatable floor. Plus exterior handles to aid in pushing, and a built-in cup holder to keep your hydration close at hand.

Ready to reserve your pool?

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Frequently Asked Questions

We provide birth pools for the greater Phoenix Area. If you are within 25 miles of 85209 the drop-off and pick-up are included in your cost.

If you are 25+ miles there is an additional travel fee of $50.

Click here for a map view

After you book your due date we will be in contact with you to set up a time to come and drop off your birth pool in your 36th week of pregnancy.

We’ll come over and show you what is in your birth pool kit and answer any questions you might have. This appointment usually lasts about 15 minutes.

Once you’ve had your baby, please call us within 48 hours. We will come to your house in the next few days to pick up the birth pool.

If we have not yet delivered your pool a refund can be offered, minus a $50 administrative fee.

Once the pool is delivered to you there are no refunds. Even if you don’t end up using the pool.

Please check your pool kit within 3 days of it being dropped off to make sure nothing is missing or damaged. We will get replacements to you ASAP.

At this time we only have one option for renting birth pools. We want to make sure you are set up for the best birth you can have. 

You should have everything necessary in your birth pool kit. If though for some reason the adapters we provide do not fit your sink or shower head you will need to find one that does. You will have multiple options available and are highly encouraged to do a test run in the first 3 days after receiving your birth pool kit to make sure one works.

If you need a hose longer then 50ft please contact us before booking for options.

We provide you with a new drinking water safe hose to bring the freshest water to your birth pool. Garden hoses may contain lead, BPA, and other toxic contaminants.

You will also use this hose to empty the water from the pool after your birth. For this reason, you get to keep it.

Yes, all pools are thoroughly cleaned and sanitized before coming to your home.

After the baby is born we ask that you (meaning partner or your doula, not the person who just gave birth) empty the water from the pool using the water pump provided. Typically, the easiest way is into a toilet Though, if you have a garden that needs watering, birth pool water is highly nutrient-dense.

Please discard of the pool liner, and wipe the birth pool down to remove any bodily fluids or other birthy substances that may have been left behind. You do not need to deep clean or sanitize the pool (we take care of that part).

Then, please make sure the pool is dry before deflating and placing back in the bag. Double-check the checklist to make sure everything required to come back to us is also packed.

We ask that you give us a call within 48 hours of giving birth and we’ll schedule a time to come pick up the pool in the next few days.

YES! Add a birth pool kit on to your doula services and save $50.

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This class is a total game changer for us. I’d heard negative [birth] stories…I was scared and very on edge. Then once we started taking the class, and when we learned about interventions that I was apprehensive about… It brought us together in that [my partner] understood birth more, and I understood it more. And as soon as I went into labor, we were on. We were a team.

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Lora was my saving grace during my first pregnancy! I can’t say enough about her expertise in her birthing knowledge as well as her human compassion and wisdom. My birth was perfect in large part because of her. She will be a life-long friend for years to come!


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